Minority Owned Certified Business

            Licensed * Bonded - Since 1992

Post office Box 1005 * Quincy, FL 32353-1005

(O) (800)503-2670  (F) (800)213-8261  Email: info@the-mint.net.

The Mint

" Do You Need A Notary, Loan Closer or Wedding Officiant - Call Us for Details * Need A Job? Become and Independent Contrator with THE MINT - Call Customer Service * Let Us Build A Website For You for As Little as $325 plux tax * We Have Consulting Services For Business Planing and MBE Certification Assistance * We Can Provide Regional Field Service Investigation Services for Lawyers, Banks, Title Companies or other Business Entities "

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Office of Supplier Diversity

       MBE Certified

What We Can You Accomplish......

* Help Improve Credit Worthiness

* Assistance w/ Preparing A Realist Budget

++Some Restrictions & Guidelines Apply

* Help with the Business MBE Certification

          Process in State of Florida

* Ask about our $25 Referral Program

Call THE MINT Customer Service Department about any inquiries regarding our services at  800.503.2670  *   Email: info@the-mint.net


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$100 Bond Guarantee

The Mint is a licensed and bonded multifaceted company that specializes in...

  * Business Plan Development Services

  * Small Business Counseling

  * Certification Assistance Services

  * Website Development-Branding Services

  * Field Service Investigation

  * Notary Service / Loan Closing

  * Wedding Officiant

 * Personal Financial Counseling